Luke’s Experience with the Book Drive

Last week I participated in a service event in which I donated and organized books- the event was called Project Cicero Book Distribution.  I along with other volunteers helped Project Cicero organize, display and distribute gently-used children’s books to teachers from under-resourced public schools in NYC.  I brought nearly 10 books mainly for kids in Kindergarten or 1st Grade.  Afterwards I stayed to organize books and put them in boxes to be shipped to the under-resources schools.

Looking back on this event, although it may not have been as labor-intensive as other events, it was just as significant in the scheme of service. I am glad that I was part of the attempt to help underprivileged children, whose schools don’t have the resources to obtain these resources-  in this case the “resources” being books.  I haven’t read these books in over 10 years and wasn’t planning to any time soon and without a doubt  this was the best possible thing to do with them.

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