Matthew’s Experience Teaching English

So this past summer I had the opportunity to have an amazing experience, in China. I, and a bunch of other participants in the ICEP program were able to travel to three cities in China. Over the course of a month, we had the opportunity to teach over 200 kids some basic English. My favorite kid, was Joe. Joe was the bomb. He was a super active guy. He was like 7 and all he wanted to do was learn English and be with us. In the first week in china, we were pretty tired. We slept on the bus to and from the various schools. Joe, who rode the bus with us, would wake us up and say “play games?”. All he would say. He was super good at a ton of games though. His favorite being “Ninja”. I spent a ton of hours playing games and teaching joe english. Watching his vocabulary grow. He was a good kid. Being 7-8, he didn’t have any contact information. I haven’t seen or heard Joe since I saw him at the train station. But, I still remember Joe. Fantastic kid.

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