Gabbi’s Reflection of Attending the United Nations Conference


In December, right before winter break, I attended a conference at the United Nations with my classmates. When I heard about this opportunity, I was excited because it was a chance for me to work together with passionate like minded students, both from the Friends community, and students all around the city and world. It was great to collaborate and design a movement with them and to hear their different perspectives. I worked with a group of students from public NYC schools and students from Canada and Mexico to come up with a plan to raise awareness about international prison rights and the mistreatment of prisoners. We brought light the issue of torture across the world. We created a project where we would perform street art in inconvenient places to make people look and pay attention. In addition, we created a website which gave facts about torture. Researching torture was both heartbreaking and eye opening. It was horrible to realize how much injustice was occurring. However, it gave me hope that so many young people like myself we out there who were passionate.



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