Giancarlo’s Service Reflection

In January, I took part in the Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) NYC survey with many students from my Statistics class. The participants divided into two groups, one group walked with Leitzel and the other with Ben Frisch. I walked with Ben, and we surveyed an area around Washington Square, Astor Place, and just south of Union Square. We walked along a predetermined path, and asked anyone we saw walking on the streets many questions. These questions included their age, if they had a home, if they were a war veteran and many others. The survey started around midnight and ended around 3 am, so it would give an accurate estimate of how many people sleep on the streets of New York City. The survey gave me a very good idea of how many people sleep on the streets at night, especially because my group surveyed areas in my neighborhood. Even though it was cold and went into the early hours of the morning, it was a thought provoking experience.


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