Joseph’s Service Reflection

When the school year started, I was offered a great opportunity to get most of my service hours done. The service event required me to be a tour guide for one of the Friends Seminary Burrowing Through the Boroughs’ tours. The tour’s route started at Stuyvesant Park and made it’s way to Flushing, Queens. I, and another individual, had to put together information that could be used to make the tour as educational and as fun as possible. In the end, we managed to put together a script in which we had a balance between somewhat cheesy jokes as well as informative facts. Because of this preparation, we felt that we were quite ready for the actual tour. Nevertheless, engaging with the participants of the tour was difficult at first. However, thanks to our preparation, as the tour progressed, it gradually became easier to gain everyone’s attention. By doing this service event, I was able to learn that preparation is the key to success, as well as a few interesting facts about Peter Stuyvesant and the Flushing Meeting House.

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