Anya’s Service Reflection

This spring I began volunteering with the 9C Community Garden and Park .  On the Sundays when the service opportunity was offered, I went to this garden that Christel Johnson is a member of and helped weed, sweep, decorate, and clean.  Before this opportunity I had never sought to garden.  I saw gardening as a sweaty, humid activity that would get me covered in dirt.  Through volunteering with this Community Garden I realized that gardening is more about community and enjoying the outdoors.  Living in New York City, we don’t get much of a chance to experience nature unless we make an excursion to a park or are lucky enough to have a house outside of the city to visit.  This small community garden gives people an opportunity to be around plants and trees and sunshine right in the middle of the city.  Neighbors come together and get to know each other as friends, and the basic act of planting something, or decorating a plot, or sweeping up a walkway to make the garden all the more beautiful is therapeutic and a wonderful break from the hectic rush of city life.  Another plus is that the garden is located in Alphabet City, an area I almost never visit and that is covered in interesting restaurants, gardens, and art.  I hope to visit the 9C Community Garden and Park often this summer when I am in the neighborhood, and I plan to return to volunteer whenever the opportunity is offered by Christel.  I encourage anyone to do the same.

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