Cal’s service reflection

For some of my in school service requirement, I worked with Bob sorting through thousands of pieces of music and organizing them by song title. Though the work seemed tedious at first, the longer I looked at the pages, the more I was able to notice patterns and understand which instruments and songs go with each. Before too long, I had developed my own system of organization, in which I was able to rapidly and efficiently organize all the papers, and I had large stacks of songs I had never heard. Through this experience, I also got to learn about Jazz music I had never heard, and composers I was unfamiliar with. Along with Bob telling me some things about the musicians and the pieces of music, just being able to look at the music gave me an understanding of the songs and the composers, and when I would see two different songs written by the same composers, I was often able to recognize them as the same composer without looking. Working with Bob was great fun, and I hope to do it again in the future. I learned a lot about music from my experience, and though I hope the music stays organized, I would not mind reorganizing it one day.

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