Andrew’s Service Reflection

For my in-school service this year I decided to help set up and run the Spring Fair. ┬áThe day before the fair, I helped setting up tables and chairs and moving books and other items that would be used for the fair. Although setting up the tables was fun, the real fun came the day of the fair. It was cool seeing the transformation that had taken place in just a day. What seemed like a bunch of tables and chairs turned into a wondrous event filled with life, fun, and excitement. On the day of the fair I began manning the high striker game, where kids showed off their strength, trying to hit the bell the highest. I then rotated my way around different events, seeing where I was needed, and then finally settled in the outer courtyard, manning the drink station. It was fun getting to meet new people, and the weather was beautiful that day, adding an even more lively atmosphere to the event. Somehow I even ended up getting my hair sprayed pink (it’s a shame there are no photos of that…which may have been on purpose)! All in all I am glad that I was able to participate in such a fun event, where the whole Friends community gets to come together and enjoy good food, fun games, and lively entertainment.

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