Callum’s Adventure on Burrowing Through the Boroughs

Hello! My name is Callum Bayle-Spence and I went on the Burrowing Through the Boroughs Trip, which was hosted by Kristen Fairey and Leitzel Schoen.

We had been studying the history of early New York City, and learned a lot about New Amsterdam. Kristen and Leitzel concocted this trip for us to lead using our knowledge to show the history of the Queens Borough of New York City! Luckily my friend Joseph also signed up, and slowly we prepared. We created a script and a list of facts we wanted to go over. Joseph new we would have a diverse audience of both kids in the Middle and Lower Schools of friends, but also their parents and some teachers, so he decided to prepare some jokes to keep everyone interested and engaged. I mostly focused on remembering what I had to, and luckily on the day we were presenting we went early to prepare, and I was able to think of some of my own jokes (such as asking the children who a statue was, even then immediately jumping to cover the nameplate).

We gave most of our information at the start of the trip, and I was able to talk to many of the children on the trip. Honestly I learned so much from them (perhaps I learned more than I taught?). Being able to talk to so many of these students at Friends was the best part, and going through many amazing experiences such as visiting a Temple and an old Quaker building.

I had an awesome time, and I hope this event continues (and hopefully I can help out with more in the future, or at least go on them)

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