Chuma’s Service Reflection

This Spring Break, I went with a group of kids and chaperones from Friends to China. We went to Beijing, Suzhou, and Shanghai. While there, we performed community service namely within schools. In Beijing, the Friends group visited the school Beijing Number 4 in Beijing. We were brought into an English class and were asked to help the Chinese students to improve their English by reading and analyzing certain passages. This allowed us, the students both from Friends and from Beijing Number 4, to interact as regular teens. I shared certain jokes and exchanged WeChats with many of the kids there. They asked me a lot about life in America and I asked them a lot about their life in China. Despite the different cultures, it was interesting to see overlap in behavior. While in Beijing,  we also helped out at the Dandelion School. The kids were much younger than we were there. While helping out at the school, we were instructed to prepare an activity in which we would teach the children an activity while speaking and interacting with them in English. In Suzhou, we participated in a colloquium with students from the school Suzhou SIP concerning urban issues.. I enjoyed all of the moments I had in China and I hope to visit the schools and the country again in the near future.

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