Jessica Huang Service Reflection

On service day this year, my advisory went to St. John’s Bread and Life, a community center in Bed-Stuy. Some of us worked in the pantry and the rest worked in the kitchen preparing lunch. I worked in the kitchen peeling and chopping carrots as well as preparing chicken. The regular volunteers emphasized the importance of maximizing the amount of food that we had. We had to peel the skin off the carrots, but not cut so deeply that usuable parts of the carrots were wasted. I thought the experience was extremely valuable and not only exposed us to the effects of poverty that affect so many people, especially in New York City, but also because the experience really showed me how privileged we are and how we take for granted things we see as necessities and basic parts of life, such as food, ┬ábut which, are in reality, not available to everyone. Every bit of food that was available to the community center was put to use. Whatever wasn’t made into lunch or saved for later meals was gathered and put into a compost bin to grow more food that could be used to feed those who depended on the community center for their meals.

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