Josh’s Ex-Ed Experience

This Year I had the pleasure of helping to lead a 10th grade Ex-Ed trip.  We visited the Beleayre Mountain Ski Area and learned how to telemark ski.  Myself and my co-leader, Will, were given complete free reign as to how we would run the trip.  Under the supervision of the Ex-Ed teachers we dictated every aspect of the experience from the feeling to the training.  Having the time to impart some of the knowledge that I had gleaned from my Outdoor Leadership Seminar was a true honor.  I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to put these skills of leadership and teaching into practice in a real environment.  I hardly noticed that our supervisors were there, as I was so immersed in the trip.  My favorite part of the experience was that it took place entirely outside; I was in my element.  Nature was my classroom, and; therefore, I was never at a loss for a teaching opportunity.  It is so incredible to discover how much one can give to those around them in a teaching environment.  Yet, more incredible still is how much that teacher can learn from those whom they are present to teach.  I really loved this experience and will remember it and look back on it for years to come.

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