Matt’s Service Reflection

For service day I accompanied my advisory to the Hunts Point Cooperative Market, Food Bank‘s supply warehouse. After our long, yet scenic bus drive to the Bronx, our group was led to an open room with a T.V. screen. We were presented a video showing the impact of hunger on various individuals and families in New York City. The video exposed me to the troubles people face from a lack of adequate money for food, and later showed how Food Bank helps those in need to fight against hunger. After the video we were split up into smaller groups that were assigned different tasks, such as making boxes, packing food and other supplies, and sealing boxes for shipment. We were so efficient that we even surprised the supervisor who had to keep up with supplying us the items to package.

Besides our large success in packaging so many supplies, I had an amazing time. Working with my classmates and friends while helping those who are less fortunate was a win win scenario. The sense of satisfaction from knowing that my work would help others is of incredible magnitude. The fact that so many people suffer from hunger and a lack of other supplies is terrifying, but also makes me feel better about my accomplishments at the Food Bank. Overall, I felt that my work at the Food Bank warehouse was fulfilling and rewarding, and I look forward to experiencing similar success in future Service Days.


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