My Experience at the Citizens Committee for Children

In in the spring of my junior year, I volunteered at the Citizens Committee for Children, an advocacy group that brings together diverse committees of young people to advocate for change within their communities. I got to see firsthand the type of issues that many kids my own age have to face on a daily basis: drug use within that communities, lack of educational opportunities, crime that affects them personally every day, and the whole array of problems that accompany poverty in a modern urban environment. This past semester, we focused on juvenile justice, discussing ways in which the system ought to be reformed in order to serve all juvenile offenders equally. In particular, we talked about how often in the city juvenile offenders are treated as adults, and as a result, are deprived of the services and understanding that they need. The next stage was to meet with City Council members, explaining the reforms that we believe are necessary and encouraging them to take up our agenda. The CCC has taught me the power that all of us have to be advocates for change in our community.

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