Miles Donnelly’s Post

For one of my outdoor service activities I cooked for the Friends Seminary Homeless Shelter. Me and my friend cooked chicken for dinner and chcolate chip scones for breakfast or desert. Cooking for the shelter was very rewarding because I felt that I was helping a community that I am really connected to in that there was an orginization that was available right in the school comunity. Friends Seminary is my school so I was more than happy to help in the shelter. This experience was also rewarding because I was able to hone my cooking skills. I am not the best cook but any time I am able to pick up and learn a new skill I am happy to take on the challange. The Friends Homeless Shelter was not a big part of my life before I did this service opportunity. In fact, I did not even know it existed until my friend told me to do some cooking for them. When I found out that Friends ran a shelter I was overjoyed to be a part of a community that was so active in serving the larger community. I was also glad that this type of service was so readily available, making it easy for everyone to help out. I had a great time cooking for the shelter this year and hope to continue my involvement in the future.

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