Booker Mitchell’s Service Reflection

Booker Travels is a travel show that I host. In it, I explore different cultures around the world by meeting locals who share similar interests such as skateboarding, surfing, music, and art. This past year we worked on episodes in Morocco, North Carolina, and New York. I went to Morocco over spring break and spent most of my time on the coast with local surfers Ali Tamara and Fahd. For about a week we drove up and down the Moroccan coast searching for hidden surf breaks, and unridden skate spots. It was inspiring to be able to film both Ali and Fahd doing what they loved. Watching them get comfortable in front of the cameras over time and seeing their excitement about our show made the episodes really heartwarming and sweet. Seeing all the positive feedback we got from those particular episodes really made me feel proud about working with Ali and Fahd. I hope that we were able to help publicize both their Moroccan skate shop and the growing Moroccan skate scene.

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