The Friendship Circle Camp 2014

Dana Franco Summer Service Reflection

This summer I volunteered at The Friendship Circle summer camp for one week along with other eleventh graders at Friends, Jane Acierno, Nell Pearson and Laura Michael. The Friendship Circle is an organization that creates fun opportunities for children with autism to interact with one another and their counselors. During the year, Friendship Circle holds two programs: Friends at Home and Sunday Circle. Friends at Home is a program where teenage volunteers go to their child’s home once a week for an hour and have the opportunity to learn more about their lives at home and have fun. Sunday Circle meets twice a month at the organization’s building, on 19th street between 6th and 7th avenues, where the kids and volunteers unite in soccer, karate, and other fun activities. During the camp this summer, each volunteer was assigned to a child at The Friendship Circle camp and helped them throughout the week. We alternated each day between indoor activities and fun field trips. By the end of the camp, I really bonded with my buddy Ava.

Going into Friendship Circle I was slightly nervous and unsure of what to expect. My friends Jane, Nell and Laura had completed the camp before so they were able to tell me a little more of what the camp would be like. After meeting my buddy, I soon discovered she loved to sing, work on arts and crafts projects, and run around in the camp’s outdoor water area filled with sprinklers and water toys. On field trip days, Ava liked touring the intrepid and exploring the museum’s interactive exhibits. Overall, I enjoyed my time with Ava and the other campers and hope to see them again next summer.

I encourage anyone to sign up at:!

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  1. Dana,
    Thank you for sharing about your experience. Sometimes new experiences can be intimidating, but it is important to try new things. I am happy that Jane, Nell and Laura were able to encourage you to participate and that your experience was enjoyable.

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