Natalie’s internship at the Food Bank for NYC

This summer I interned at the Food Bank for NYC.  The Food Bank is an
organization that provides food, financial services, and nutritional
education to people below the poverty line throughout New York City.
At the Food Bank, I had the pleasure of working with Laine Rolong, one
of the mangers in the finance sector. I helped her map out which
regions in New York needed the most financial assistance, and
together, we came up with specific ways The Food Bank could be of help
to each neighborhood. In addition, I helped facilitate credit
workshops in poor neighborhoods in the Bronx.  The workshops were held
in spanish at elementary schools so parents could easily
participate.  At these workshops, we taught
parents the basics about how to get and manage credit and debt, since
many of these parents had never had a credit card. Helping with these
workshops was the most hands-on service I have ever done.  My main role
was to help the parents fill our informational worksheets because many
of them were illiterate. It was a sad awakening to see parents of
children in the United States that could neither speak english nor
write (even in spanish). However, the fact that they were at these
workshops meant that they wanted to improve their situation, and it was inspiring to see parents move out of their comfort zone in order to do so.




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