The Mirror: Abigail’s Summer Service Reflection

This summer I had a volunteer internship with the organization Generation Citizen. Generation Citizen is a non-profit that works to teach civic engagement to underprivileged high school students. It designs semester or year-long civic courses that are run by volunteers called Democracy Coaches. Students are made aware of their powers in society in regards to the action-making process (lobbying, defending themselves legally, etc.). I worked as a development intern, researching donors for the cause.

Through my internship, I realized how hard it is to keep a non-profit afloat. As someone who focused on fundraising, I found that the team is always working to find new donors and new grant opportunities. It gave me perspective on how hard the people in charge of nonprofits work–they are always dealing with multiple things at a time. I also learned how nonprofits work with the local government to get their goals accomplished. Overall, I realized that there are multiple logistical challenges to running a nonprofit. It was inspiring to work with such driven individuals, and to learn how dedicated the students are, with many of them going beyond the parameters of the civics course and getting involved in local government.


Generation Citizen’s Website 


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