Summer Service

This summer in the beginning of June, I helped out with the head start program in China Town. I helped in a classroom and played with kids for three hours each day for two weeks. The kids and I played in the block area or the drawing table for a few hours and then went out and played in the park for an hour each day. I worked with kids in the 4-5 age range and I felt like I made a big impression on them. I befriended a few kids and felt like they really looked up to me. This is the first time that I thought I needed to set an example for someone and I felt really close to the kids when we were playing in the playground or working on a drawing together.

Being in China Town, there was a lot of ethnic diversity in the program which had kids from Chinese backgrounds to kids with Hispanic background. Despite the ethnic differences, I felt really connected to these kids and the larger China Town community. I was a part of a community helping to care for young kids, and I felt like I was making a difference to these children. While participating at this service opportunity, I met a lot of people who really cared for their community and valued stewardship. I crossed paths with two other young person volunteers and thought that they both truly cared for the children that were at the program that they volunteered for, much like I did. This is how I saw that “Light is present in us all” and I truly respected the other volunteers and employees in the head start program. The children’s faces lit up every time a volunteer entred the room and their great attitudes and personalities made every day I went down to china town a treat.

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  1. Miles,
    Just this week I was in a meeting at Educational Alliance and I heard wonderful things from their staff about your volunteering. Then I had the pleasure of reading your blog post. I am glad you had such a meaningful experience with the Head Start program in China Town. I know you made a lot of children very happy by your presence.

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