Arya Singh’s Summer Service

Over the summer, I volunteered at an organization called YAI. YAI is an organization of physical therapists, speech therapists, and social workers who help children and their families with different types of special needs. At my time at YAI, I was able to help make games for the children who go there for treatment, help with data entry, and help mail and prepare flyers with information for children’s families. I also had the chance to talk to a child having surgery who was upset, and I had to talk him through it in order to make him more comfortable and prepared.

Volunteering at YAI was a very rewarding experience because I got the chance to work with inspiring role models who devote their lives to helping others, as well as help children in anyway I could.  My time at YAI opened my eyes to different types of people and their needs. Volunteering made me want to become a better person, and help other.

One thought on “Arya Singh’s Summer Service

  1. Arya,
    This sounds like a very meaningful experience for you and the people who you interacted with. Will you continue to work with YAI throughout this school year?

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