Benjamin Levine’s Summer Service

This summer I helped out at my 8-year-old sister’s ballet camp. Since I go to the ballet school during the school year, the teacher knows me and trusts me with teaching anybody who needed help. Some kids I had to help with their choreography. One wanted to be a swan playing tag, but she didn’t know what to do. I helped her create moves. Another said that his mom had told him to bow while bending his knees (which is a curtesy). I had to convince him that he shouldn’t do that. The boy also insisted that he was always right, and he became violent at times. It was definitely a learning and character building experience to make him stop. Although I eventually succeeded, I now sympathize with teachers a lot more.

It was extremely gratifying to be able to see that I had made a difference. I’ve always liked little kids because they are so cute, and it was very fun to to teach them. I was also assigned a group to watch during field trips. My two kids decided that we were the “strawberry pineapple chocolate whipped-creams” and declared me as their leader. They would ask to hold my hands and we would make up the best desserts possible with our 4 foods. To see that I had done something that made others so happy made me happy. It was an extremely fun and interesting experience.

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  1. Benjamin,
    It was great to read about your experience this summer. It must be so gratifying to see young children begin to get the ballet bug. I am also glad to hear that you overcame the challenges that you faced.

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