Max’s Summer of Service

Over the Summer, I attended a camp called “Summerdance”. This dance camp is a part of my dance company, The Vanaver Caravan. During the first two weeks, the dancers work on various techniques of world dance, such as Percussion, Capoeira, and many more. The final week, however, the dancers go on tour to various venues in the area. Three of these venues were: Woodland Pond Retirement Home, The Ellenville Center for Spectrum Services (a school for special needs toddlers), and Camp Felix, a wilderness camp in upstate New York for inner-city kids.

Performing for all of these communities was incredibly rewarding. After each performance, we had the privelige of teaching simple dances to the audience. It was so exciting to see the faces of the kids, teenagers, and elderly light up with excitement at the prospect of learning a new dance form and get moving. Furthermore, through talking to our audience, I feel that I learned a lot about the what, specifically in our shows, worked and what lost their attention a bit. Although performing in and of itself feels so rewarding, thinking back on those few performances really makes the sometimes tedious rehearsals worth it.

Max Teirstein

One thought on “Max’s Summer of Service

  1. Max,
    I am glad that you had a meaningful summer service experience. It is important to remember the goal of your performances, and interacting with the audience after the show can really help you know what to do in future shows.

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