Rachel’s Summer Service Reflection

This summer I was a counselor in training at an arts camp called Buck’s Rock in New Milford, CT. I have been going there for six years and felt it was my turn to contribute to the community I love so much. As a counselor in training I helped build sets for the plays being produced at camp. I also helped out in the “little sib” program, where we ease the transition for kids who were new to the camp. This involved writing letters to put on their beds when they arrived, calling/emailing them about the camp beforehand, and periodically checking in on them to make sure they were having a good time. I had three little sibs, and I was proud of watching them grow, enjoy camp, and participate in theater. The program was very similar to the big buddy program at friends, except my little sibs were as young as nine years old. I really enjoyed this summer and hope to eventually come back.

Rachel Hodes

2 thoughts on “Rachel’s Summer Service Reflection

  1. Rachel,
    It sounds like you had a very nice summer and made an impression on your little sibs. Do you plan to continue to work with children throughout the school year in any way?

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