Catherine Bactat’s Summer Service

Over the summer, I participated in a Soccer and Service program in Costa Rica. This was a trip organized by Globalworks, a company that offers different types of service trips to many parts of the world including Costa Rica, Spain, France, and Nepal. My group consisted of 10 kids and 2 leaders from various parts of the US.

Our trip started off in the city of Alajuela, where we practiced in a big soccer complex and played both with and against local teams.

The soccer complex image

After the first week was over, we travelled to a small city called La Lucha, where we did a homestay and where we did our service in a school called Escuela La Lucha. For 5 days, we mixed cement and dug up large rocks to build a concrete courtyard for the students to play sports, and painted a large mural of Costa Rica and its flag in a hallway. We also organized a small soccer tournament for the kids to play in where we each became a coach or a referee.

This was a great experience because we were able to help out a community by working hard and doing things that we love. It was very rewarding to watch the mural get finished, and watch the kids have a lot of fun playing soccer.


Costa Rica Soccer and Service:

One thought on “Catherine Bactat’s Summer Service

  1. Catherine,
    Thank you for your thoughtful reflection. I loved looking at your pictures. The mural looks beautiful! It must have been great to be playing soccer in an area where the sport is so prevalent.
    I think you might enjoy an upcoming service event in October that involves soccer. Stay tuned for more information…

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