Giles Lemmon’s summer of Service

This summer, I had the pleasure of volunteering at Sail Newport.  Sail newport is a public access sailing program located in Newport, Rhode island.  This program has the goal of providing access to sailing programs to a variety of ages.  The kids start around age six, and Sail newport offers advances programs for people up to age 18, the maximum age allowed to sail in local regattas.  This organization is unique in that area, in that it offers sailing programs while not connected to a Yacht club.  This means that anyone can learn to sail, without being members of a Yacht club.  As most of the children’s parents do not know how to sail, this program gets them out on the water.  Sailing is one of the worlds most enjoyable sports, and this program offers access to it for those who might not otherwise be able to have it.

During the summer, I assisted instructors in teaching smaller children.  They were not beginners, having sailed for approximately two years.  As a result, they were learning slightly more advances material.  I assisted in teaching them the correct sailing technique.  On multiple occasions, I demonstrated the correct way to tack the boat, among other skills, much to their amusement, as I barely fit into the tiny 5 foot long boat.  Working with sail newport was a highly rewarding experience.  Last summer, I also helped here, and this summer, I was able to expand upon my experience from last year.  Teaching younger children the correct technique was very rewarding. I really enjoyed this summer, and I really hope that I can return next summer

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