Beatrice Findlay’s Summer Service

This summer, I volunteered at the East Hampton Public Library.  The East Hampton Library’s purpose is to provide information, knowledge and reading needs for the community of East Hampton and to help maintain the Long Island Collection for historical research .  The library is home to over hundreds of books with a large range of genres.  At the library, I shelved, shifted, and labeled books as well as adopt the young adult section to take care of while I worked there.  I also volunteered to help with the library’s annual children’s book fair, where the entire community comes and attends.  There I helped run the booths and the outside attractions. I also helped my fellow volunteers by getting them food and drink or taking over when they got tired.  The East Hampton Library is a place where it brings together the community in a sense of learning.

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I loved working both at the fair and at the library.  This experience helped to give me more of an understanding of community before I volunteered.  It showed me how everyone can come together to help build something great, while expecting nothing in return.  The library receives volunteers to help manage everything, both children and adults.  It is a place where people of all ages can come and learn.  To me it also represents a sort of history and family, where children will come to the library to learn or read and someday their children and their grandchildren can come to the library.  I found this experience really gratifying and hope to make a tradition of volunteering there.

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