Petra’s Summer Service

This past summer I spent the beginning of August at my house in the northern Catskills. For as long as we have had a house there we have been supporting a place called Heather Ridge Farm ( that raises free-range animals, produces honey from bees, and serves lunch on the weekends. This summer was the first time I was able to help out the owner of the farm, an extraordinary woman named Carol Clements. Carol raises sheep, goats, chickens, cows, geese, turkey, and lamas. The farm is run year long by herself, her husband, and two interns who are preparing to own their owns farms one day. From day I arrived to the day I said goodbye, I was put to work feeding the chickens and pigs, herding the goats and sheep, bottle feeding lambs, giving shots and vitamins to baby goats, packing sheep into trucks to be driven to the slaughter house, setting up field fencing, gathering the chickens’ eggs, painting chairs for a fundraising dinner, and pulling weeds in the flower and vegetable gardens.  There was never a time while it was still light out when anybody on the farm didn’t have a duty. The interns who worked there were very kind to have accepted me as fifteen year old city girl who never worked on a farm in a day in her life. They taught me a lot about the animals and plants we were taking care of and how such a farm operates. Not only did the experience introduce me to new smells and methods of agriculture but it also made me realize the strong dependency that the animals had on us and how dependent we were on them.

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