Michael Kwan’s Summer Service Reflection

This summer, I helped out with an organization called NYCares. I worked with a group of about 10 students and helped out various New Yorkers across Manhattan. Every week, we would do a different type of community service. On the first week, we delivered food to the elderly as a part of a program called Meals on Wheels. This was designed to provide food for people who were physically unable to get out of their house or didn’t have the money to buy food for themselves. The following week, we went to a hospital and kept the children busy by doing arts and crafts with them while their parents were with the doctor. Then, we had another arts and crafts day at a center for elderly. On the last week, we went to a homeless shelter and organized clothes that were donated. We categorized them into business clothing for job interviews and casual clothing. This was an amazing expereince because I got to meet many new people in NYC and I learned a lot from the New Yorkers, especially the elderly because they had many amazing stories to tell.

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