Miranda’s Summer Service Reflection

Over the summer, I volunteered at the Winchester Project in Camden, London. The Winch is a nonprofit daycare facility for underprivileged youth in London. The children who go to the Winch come from a variety of backgrounds; some live in single-family homes or have absent parents, and others live in council houses. The Winch provides children with authentic relationships with children to offer a safe space while encouraging growth in character and learning. My role at the Winch was to help out the volunteers in their activities and to provide extra help during the two weeks that I was there. Although the Winch runs throughout the year, it is most busy during the summer, so the volunteers offer day trips for the children to go on. Working at there was overwhelming at times, when having to dissolve arguments between crying children or having excited kids throwing paint everywhere, but at the end of the day, having children wanting to stay and help clean up or read instead of going home proved how much of a haven the camp was for these kids.

For more information about the Winchester Project, please see http://thewinch.org/

1464056_10153426882475398_1449364860_n Some of the kids having a dance party outside.


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