Justin Rubino’s Summer Service 2014 Providing Guidance to Underprivileged Children in the Caribbean

During the Summer of 2014, I went on an incredible voyage through the British Virgin Islands.  I sailed, went scuba diving, snorkeling, and learned about marine biology. By far the most gratifying component of the trip was the community service I did with children on the islands.  The program was known as the Youth Empowerment Project.   We were assigned to work with young children who are underprivileged. We swam with them and taught them how to paddle board.  Many did not know how to swim so we provided them with swimming lessons as well. It was amazing to see their eyes light up when we arrived to spend time with them. This act inspired me to want to do more community service work with children.  We also cleaned the ocean by diving for trash.  The ocean water was breathtaking, and it was sad to see that it was littered with trash.  I look forward to future summer community service as it truly completed my summer experience.