Julian’s Nepal Reflection

Over spring break I went to Nepal with several other classmates in order to start construction on a school in the rural village of Domalia. It took us two plane rides to get us to Kathmandu and then another one for us to arrive in Dhangadhi, which was the nearest airport to Domalia. The moment we got there the entire town greeted us with music and dances. The first day we participated in a four-hour opening ceremony, broke ground on the school and finally met our home-stay families. We immediately felt accepted in Domalia.

The best part about this trip was working with the community on their new school. I remember that on the first day of work locals had already been at the worksite for hours and had large pits dug up before anyone from Friends Seminary even started to dig. Everyone in the community had the common goal of building this new school to improve the education of future students. Staying with my host families made me want to help build the school even more since I bonded with the students who would be using it. Everyone around the world deserves the ability to learn in a safe and stable environment. This global educational experience was very important to me since I was not only able to learn about a new culture but I actually helped out a community and the future of its education.



Picture of the old school


Breaking ground on the school site.



My host brother and I.


Working on the school.

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