Lucas’ HOPE Count Reflection

My participation in the HOPE Count helped me understand statistics in the

real world by showing me the necessity in getting the closest number possible for

certain world problems. Using statistics in the real world is the first step in helping

solve many substantial and important issues such as, the amount of homeless

people in New York City, the amount of people in the United States with AIDs, or the

amount of African-Americans that are incarcerated. By finding a statistic for a

specific issue, we can discover how large and prevalent that issue is and then learn

how to help prevent or stop it.

Reflecting on the beautifully intelligent quote from To Kill a Mockingbird, it is

absolutely correct that one can never begin to grasp the struggles of another human

being until they are in their shoes. By going on the HOPE Count I realized how

detrimental a lifestyle it is and how saddening it was to have a large number of

homeless people tallied at the end. Seeing it first hand, I now know that I will never

be able to understand or comprehend what it’s like to live homeless in the city

unless I am living it.

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