David’s experience designing for the musical

This year I acted as the graphic designer for the spring musical. As the designer for the musical I laid out both the poster and the programs. As someone who loves design I was delighted by the opportunity to be able to have a hand in shaping the image of the show.

The poster began before spring break, with photographs of all the spellers. Then, over the break, I created a few drafts, conferring with Steve about content. By May 1st a final draft had been completed and was ready to print. I conferred with John Galayda and Jill Zenker, who also prints the school newspaper, to get the poster printed. By this time it was time to create the program.

The program is the one souvenir that people can take away from a show, which people can look at when the performance is long over to remember there experience. Given what a program can be, I wanted to create a program that was special, which did justice to show. I did my best to make the program energetic and playful, while also making it organized and clear. By conferring with Jill Zenker, I was able to get the programs printed on a card stock which made the programs feel more substantial.

As the graphic designer for the show I was able to affect the way people perceived the show before they saw it, and how they remembered it after they left. I was delighted to be given the chance to positively affect peoples perception and memories of the show.

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