Joseph’s Service Reflection

Over the past few weeks I have helped with Empty Bowls at our school. I was particularly motivated by both the session on child hunger that I attended during Day of Concern as well as by the class Poverty in the US that I am currently taking. It is shocking how much hunger can affect a student’s life. Hunger causes students to lose focus, be less productive, and in some cases, be in a bad mood and cause disruptions. This leads the students and their classmates to learn a lot less while in school, which in turn, can lead to a life of struggle. I decided that I wanted to be a part of the solution and thus I started helping out with Empty Bowls. Learning to make pottery was extremely fun and the student leader, Michael Lowe, was very helpful. Learning about poverty and helping out with Empty Bowls has definitely opened my eyes to the struggles that people in the United States face everyday.

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