Natalie White’s Service Reflection


Over the course of the school year the ninth grade participated in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative Project where groups were tasked to find a New York City based social issue and compete for a $5,000 grant. My group focused solely on the topic of police misconduct due to both the  shared belief in social justice and how it is an extremely prominent issue in today’s society.  Throughout the project some of the skills I developed and worked hard on were my public speaking skills.  After our group compiled our online research with the information from our interview at our non profit organization, The Innocence Project, we began putting together a cohesive presentation. Even though it was a challenging factor,  the hardest part was presenting it in front of seventy five to ninety people.  Once the script was done I would practice trying to make my words convincing. I put emphasize on specific words to make it sound empowering. Moreover, I spoke in a less formal way to the audience to make it feel less scripted. I overcame my long term fear of stage fright and constant fidgeting. I was overjoyed that my hard work payed off as my group was chosen for the $5,000 grant. In the end, not only did I see the project as a great way to spread awareness of the subject, but It was a personal achievement for me.

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