Archer’s Service Reflection

While doing this project, I realized how big the issues of homelessness, hunger, and malnutrition are in New York. In looking at statistics of my issue and reading about it, I found out very interesting things that I didn’t previously know, for example people that can’t afford enough food have high obesity rates because of the quality of the food they can get. I have also realized how much my organization affects the community because of the large quantity and quality of food they offer in their soup kitchen and Pantry.

I think, in doing this project I have learned how to be better at presenting to a group and how to make a slideshow and presentation that is persuasive. It was very difficult to decide how much to put into our presentation because I found so many statistics and important facts about homelessness and hunger that amazed me. It was very rewarding to visit our organization after learning so much about the issues they battle. I have seen them serving food many times, but now when looking from a new perspective, I see how Trinity Church makes people happy and gives them hope. I am going to continue volunteering at Trinity, and I am happy to learn more about how they work.

Trinity SAFH


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