Ginger’s YPI reflection


Over the course of the project, I have become more aware of Mental Illness, my social issue, and the social issues of the people who’s presentations I watched. I became aware of how prominent our social issue is in New York City. I had always been instructed to think that Mentally Ill people were potentially dangerous, and should be avoided. While some mentally ill people can be dangerous, I had an unfair view that added to the stigma of mentally ill people. After visiting our organization and meeting the lovely and not at all dangerous members, I became aware of how the stigma that I had was completely unfair.

Although our group did not make it through to the final presentations, I did acquire some valuable skills in both working in a group and in presenting a powerpoint. In the future, I will be sure not to read off a script because it helps the audience to understand what the presenters are saying to a fuller extent and it helps the audience to comprehend the presentation to a fuller extent.


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