Gus Moody’s YPI Reflection

In my YPI Project group, I was partnered with Bookie, Ale, Allen, and Dwight. We decided on the topic of Teenage Runaways. After multiple days of looking for a non-profit organization to represent, we chose Safe Horizon. A branch of Safe Horizon is the StreetWork Project. In this organization, they have drop-in centers throughout the city, where street teens placed on the street from running away or other problems, may come and receive food, shelter and other help until they close every day.

Over the course of this project, I explored a whole new world of kids my age who have problems much worse then the ones I worry about every day. We take so much for granted in our daily lives, a place to sleep, delicious and healthy food every day, our education, while some kids barely have a place to sleep, let alone food and education.

When we had our site visit, we met with the head of the StreetWork Project, Carolyn Strudwick, who had been working with the StreetWork Project since the 70s. What affected me most during this site visit, was something that happened to us while we were walking up the stairs to their facility. In front of us was a group of kids our age, laughing, joking around, and having a better time than we were. But to our amazement, when we reached the top of the stairs, we witnessed them walk into the StreetWork Project drop-in center. They were street teens themselves, living much worse a life than we were living, but they were making the best of it, having more fun than I had had all that day.






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