History YPI Project Experience: Bookie Schwartz

safe horizon



For our YPI project, my group’s non-profit organization was Safe Horizon which focused on the social issue Teen Runaways. The aspect of the project that I found most rewarding was getting to inform all of my fellow classmates about Teen Runaways and how Safe Horizon helps these teens who fled or were kicked out of their homes. This project required a lot of effort in and out of school like finding information about Teen Runaways, emailing back and forth with Safe Horizon, and going on our site visit where we met with a woman named Carolyn Strudwick.  When we had our final presentation on service day, it felt very rewarding to come in 3rd place. However,  I personally wish to raise more money for Safe Horizon’s Streetwork project and I want to continue volunteering for them and help out any way that I can.


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