Hooton YPI Reflection

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My group’s social issue for the Youth Philanthropy Initiative was drug abuse in New York City. When I started the project I was hesitant. Before I worked and researched the social issue I was part of the problem in thinking that drug-users are to blame for their abuse. After a little research I quickly changed my opinion had a totally different outlook on the problem. Through this research I gained some essential skills. I now knew how to sort out which websites were scholarly and trustworthy, and I could fully cite a source and research.

However, some things in the Project were challenging. Lilith, my group partner, and I were sick and absent for almost the whole week of the presentation, and that made communication much more difficult. This might have been the major reason for our group not making it to the finals. We also had trouble creating a presentation with more images than words and I found that I resorted to reading the powerpoint at some points in our presentation.

The project also had many rewards. The aspect I found most rewarding to me personally was how my view of our social issue changed, and I found myself more tolerant. Also, the researching skills and citing skill I gained are going to be incredibly helpful in my high-school career. Also I loved learning about the New York Foundling organization.

Because of my interest in the Foundling Hospital, I am thinking of volunteering for them over the summer. On the Foundling website, there are many different volunteering options for all sorts of times.

Foundling Facilities:




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