Miraya’s YPI Reflection

I participated in the ninth grade YPI project. I was apart of a group with four of my friends and we decided to choose a non-profit relating to teen pregnancy. The most challenging part of the project was deciding on what social issue to choose. We all favored all equally important social issues and did not want to give up on the idea of getting a specific non-profit five thousand dollars. In the end I think we made the right decision, although we did not get to compete in the final round of the competition.

I never really understood how important the issue of teen pregnancy is in New York City. The south is the main target of publicity for teen pregnancy so it just doesn’t seem like something that needs attention, but in reality it does. So many teen girls here still get pregnant. Although the number of teen pregnancies in New York has decreased, there’s still no excuse to try and work and continue making that number smaller and smaller. Dr. Michael Carrera, founder of the Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program, told us just that when we spoke with him about his non-profit.

The Carrera Program is amazing. They help teens from all over New York get sex education as well as helping insure that they go to college and have successful lives. Their main goal is to prevent teen pregnancy and they do this by helping the teens do well in high school and helping their parents be active in their children’s lives as well. Although we didn’t win the grant, I know that we’ve raised awareness of an amazing non-profit which is still amazing.


The Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program is apart of The Children’s Aid Society whose Logo is above.


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