Chloe’s YPI reflection


For our YPI social issue, we chose homelessness and worked through the Doe Fund, a non-profit organization that works provide the homeless with a job opportunity, education, and life skills so that they may return to everyday society and lead a stable, sober, and ultimately better, life. Our group did lots of research on the topic before going up to the Doe Fund’s Harlem site on 2960 Fredrick Douglass Boulevard. Once we arrived at the site we were given a tour and we were able to ask plenty of questions which helped us create a presentation that we shared on service day, winning $500 dollars for the Doe Fund.

When we first started our project, homelessness was something that I saw everyday but that I didn’t know how to help. By the end of the project, I began to be very aware of every instance of homelessness I saw. I also became aware of all the struggles they faced and the dangers of living on the street that I had never considered before. This project really helped my teamwork skills that were needed to work together with four other people to create a presentation. It also helped me to manage my time better as it was a big project added on to regular amounts of homework. I found that gathering data and researching the topic was actually very difficult. There was a lot of data that we could access but for a social issue like homelessness, it is hard to find accurate percentages and lots of websites gave different statistics however the most rewarding part of the project was presenting our project and the things we learned about homelessness as a social issue to the rest of the grade and to some parents. I hope to continue educating people with what I know about homelessness, and hope they pass on that knowledge to educate more people. I also hope to stay in contact with the Doe Fund and possibly help out there if I can.


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