Will’s YPI Reflection


For my group’s YPI project, we chose to research the Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program which works to tackle the issue of teenage pregnancy.  This project was initially challenging for my group which originally had difficulty deciding on a social issue.  I think my group did struggle at first with working together, but by the end of the project, we had made some large improvements.  Even though those improvements were great, I think that our groups team work might have been the thing that prevented us from even making it to the round of 8 on service day.

I learned quite a bit about teen pregnancy from doing this project.  I personally had previously never met a teen mother,  and I had no idea how rampant this issue was and continues to be throughout New York City and all of America.  The neighborhoods that teen pregnancy rates are high in are not those that I usually visit, so when I saw some statistics, I was rather surprised.  I enjoyed interviewing Dr. Carrera for my site visit, because he was very polite to us and never once made us feel as though we were wasting his time.  I admire that his organization does not merely focus on sex education, but also helps children living in poverty have a better life.  They do this by partnering with kids either in school or out of school and providing them with tutors, medical care, eye glasses(if necessary), dental care, and more.  Hopefully Dr. Carrera and I will stay in touch and remain involved in this important social issue.

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