Aleyna’s YPI Reflection

The social issue of a failing schools in New York City was never something that stood out to me. When we were looking for social issues to do a Youth Philanthropy Initiative presentation on, the issue of our city’s and nation’s failing education system wasn’t something that we overlooked. However, during the project, the issues importance and call for action grew apparent and a need for awareness and change was something that I grew passionate about. My group chose the organization “City Squash” in which students are enrolled in grades 3 and 7 where they then work on academics and squash. Going to the non-profit and seeing first-hand, the work that was being done with the students, on and off the courts was most rewarding. While at the headquarters, Alexandra, the head of programs, informed us of opportunities that were available if we continued our relations with the program. Our help could go as far as helping 3rd graders to filing paperwork in the office.

Being that the YPI project was a group project, some of the challenges that I faced was working with people. Understanding others and their definitions of “work ethic” at times proved to be difficult and required a high level of patience and self control. However, overcoming this challenge demonstrated that I was able to gain new communication skills, problem solving abilities, and understanding the needs and desires of other people. This project left me conscious of the opportunities that I am blessed to have such as a quality education, and aware of the misfortune other people within my own city deal with.


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