Benjamin’s YPI Experience with POTS

My YPI project was on the issue of hunger, with Part of the Solution, or POTS, as my group’s nonprofit organization. During our research, we learned that one out of five people in New York City is food insecure. This level of hunger in our community was shocking to us, which is why we focused on hunger.

POTS, a Bronx based nonprofit, help food insecure families and individuals in many ways, such as a food pantry, a dining area, showers, laundry, mail, a medical and dental clinic, and a legal clinic. POTS is not just an average nonprofit in a rundown building – their building is modern, clean, and all its space is put to good use. The reason for this is to help food insecure children retain their esteem; many children receiving free food can tell no difference between POTS and a grocery store or restaurant.

In our interview with Jack Marth, the director of programs at POTS, we learned about how POTS did all they could to not only help food insecure people, but to help them break the hunger cycle. He showed us how their food credits made sure that when receiving food from the pantry, clients would have to receive a healthy, well balanced supply of food.

One of the most challenging parts of this project was our presentation. It was hard to coordinate rehearsal times with our group members’ busy schedules, and of course memorizing a script is never an easy task. Despite this hardship, the project really enlightened me to how prominent of an issue hunger is in our society. Despite being one of the economic and cultural capitals of the world, New York City still has these problems, and I would like to help fix this.

I have included some pictures of POTS and our site visit below.
POTS Kitchen
POTS Outside

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