Nicole’s Experience with Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America – Domestic Violence

          Before I had visited a Volunteers of America domestic violence shelter, I had known people that were personally affected by domestic violence and I knew that it was a significant problem in the world today. However, I did not know how important its role was in New York and how it affected other important issues such as homelessness. As I read the statistics, I began to realize just how important of an issue it was and over the course of the project, I became more educated about the causes and effects of domestic violence.

       Through the site visit, I learned how domestic violence survivors found Volunteers of America facilities and I finally understood that leaving their homes was far more complicated than I had originally thought. I believe that people might have a misconception about just how difficult it is for a victim of domestic violence to leave everything they have ever known. A challenge I faced while doing this project was trying to make people realize this and make an effective point for why Volunteers of America deserved a grant because of all the work they do in helping domestic violence survivors become physically, mentally, and financially stable.

         Through this project, I was able to learn a lot about teamwork. Since we were working toward a good cause, it was easy to work with another because we were completely selfless in order to make the entire project effective and only about Volunteers of America and the work they do. Although we didn’t win the grant, I was more than grateful to make it to the final round because we were able to talk about our organization to more people than just our history class and I believe that we effectively carried out the importance of Volunteers of America, which was the most rewarding part of the project. I hope to volunteer in the future through events such as Brightening Birthdays, which are birthday parties for children whose birthdays fall on the same month. In this way, I can stay in contact with Volunteers of America while getting a hands-on experience working with the children there.


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