Sofia’s YPI Reflection

My group and I chose the topic “LGTBQ Youth” for our YPI project. Originally, we were planning on doing the LGBTQ Community as a whole, but decided on focusing on the youth in order to have a more personal experience while working on the project. I learned not only many alarming facts and statistics that had to do with teen bullying, discrimination, and even suicide related to the LGBTQ community, but also heard many personal stories and ways to prevent these events. My group chose to partner with an organization called GLSEN . This non-profit helps educate both adults, teens, and children in schools about LGBTQ Youth and the discrimination they face. They offer programs and lessons to help provide each LGBTQ Youth member a friend or adult that they know they can trust and talk to if needed. When meeting with the New York City chapter’s executive, Eliza, we discussed how the $5,000 grant could be used and who it would benefit. We concluded that it would be best to use the 5k to create programs to educate parents and help build a safer environment at home, as that is where most teens spend their time. I learned a lot from this project, and feel that it really benefited me socially and made me realize how much I can do to help the community. My group and I plan on keeping in touch with GLSEN.

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