Yeshe’s Service Reflection

This Sunday, I volunteered to walk in the 2015 Aids Walk. The 10 kilometer walk started and ended in central park. Throughout the whole time I was inspired by the enormous crowd’s support in the fight for AIDS. Many of the groups who walked were doing it for deceased loved ones, which somewhat surprised me as I do not know anyone directly affected by AIDS so I did not think it was such a problem in the city. The walk raised $4,126,480 in total and over $139 million in the past thirty years. Everyone there was super motivated, especially the volunteers of the walk. They would always cheer as we walked by and thanked us for participating. This high energy atmosphere motivated me to finish and also really increased my awareness of AIDS and how people are fighting it. Now I know that AIDS does not have a cure yet but it is definitely treatable and possible to live with. With more amazing charities like this AIDS walk, a cure will surely be found.

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