Jason’s Service Reflection

This year for service day, my advisory worked at a soup kitchen in Brooklyn. It was a really fun experience because I got to know people at the soup kitchen who work there and I probably never would have met these people if I had not participated at the soup kitchen. They were all very welcoming of our help and one of them was very funny and made lots of jokes the entire time to keep up a good atmosphere. There are lots of jobs that you can have at the soup kitchen including moving around containers of food, washing dishes, preparing the food and even serving it. I was assigned to washing dishes. There were some people washing the plates people used to eat on but I was washing the trays and bowls that were used to prepare and bake the food. It was hard physical labor and y arms were tired at the end from lifting the large trays and holding them while I washed them off. However, it was still a great experience because I was with some familiar faces while getting to know really nice people I probably never would have crossed paths with.

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